Long Day

So, today my finals started and i decided to change up my music situation since i needed some relaxation stuff. heres The Decemberists with O' Valencia:

Grave Zone

So, i went out and shot the Graveyard again today. Got a few nice shots, Mike shot some film so ill develop that and scan it at some point. Today was much better lighting. heres the shots:



I went to Newark today to install my new piece in City Without Walls gallery. Its called the Vernacular Theory of Tug and Pull. It is a collaborative piece with Marco Munoz. It's a photograph sculpture installation. Here are some photos of it:

A Hidden Treasure

Today i found an amazing new place to photograph.  There's this abandoned graveyard near my house that is deep in the woods. Its really overgrown so i decided to take some photos before it got dark. I'll probably go back tomorrow to get it while its lighter outside.